Elope in Austin tm


Do You Want a Stress-Free, Intimate Wedding Experience? You've Come to the Right Place!

We assist our clients in creating memorable, magical celebrations that exceed expectations.

Our personal approach ensures the weddings we plan are meaningful and truly reflect our clients as individuals, as couples,

and states something about their shared values and sense of style.

Make it Legal 1 $75 - Make it Legal 2 $100

The Make it Legals 1 and 2 are NOT  traditional wedding ceremonies . It is to make it legal only. Short, simple,  no frills. You say I do we sign the document. 

Make it Legal 1 - Is not avaiable outside out office.

Make it Legal 2 - Avaiable at coffee shops or park home etc. NOT AVAIABLE AT A VENUE OF ANY KIND!

It  includes:


Total Time: Start to finish is 10 minutes

Location:  Our office not offered anywhere else. 

When: Monday thru Thursday 10 am to 5 pm

Guests:  No more than 2  guests - family only

What isn't included:

Your marriage license 

A wedding venue

Photography, flowers, cake or music.


No outside photos are allowed except cell phones.