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Meet Rev. Lorelei Starbuck

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  • Spring bouquet with bush roses and natural greenery
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I love to take initmate, romantic and fun photos, not staged or tradtional and want you as a couple to shine through every image I take. 

PS my name is pronounced Lor - ah - lie... like Gimore girls:)

I began my career as a Minister in 1990 and since that date have married over 4000 couples and with special pride over 700 LGBTQ couples. I believe in the power of love and that it is all that matters. 

 While I don't do many ceremonies anymore I still love to join the lives of two people in love. So I might just turn up and help you say I Do. Yes, request s are always honored. 

I have owned two  wedding chapels and a beach wedding business in LA,  all of which are still open and thriving to this day. During this time I learned to be a photographer and a florist... both of which I love to do. I take an active role in everything this company does from planning your wedding to taking the photos and creating the bouquets. 

I am where the buck Stops to be sure.