Elope in Austin tm

For  Discerning Couples Seeking a Stress-Free and Intimate Wedding Experience !

How much advance notice do you need to book an elopement?

Make it Legals - same day if you have your license

 I Do and I Do 2  - at least 24 hours 

I Do Plus - 3 days

All Inclusive - 2 weeks

DIY - as much time as we can get !

Can I bring my own Officiant?
Yes you can bring him or her however we do not deduct anything from the package price . And we don't pay your officant.  You can book just a minister or officiant if you want, its called the I Do.

Can I bring my own Photographer?
Yes you can bring him or her however we don"t deduct anything from the package price . And we don't pay your photogrpaher.  

Can I bring my own Flowers?

Yes you can bring your own flowers,  however we do not deduct anything from the package price . And we don't pay for them. You can do a DYI and bring exactly what you want.  

Which package allows guests?
The Make it Legal packages are for couples eloping (NO guests - except the couple's children).

The I Do packages accommodate up to 30 people including the bride and groom at our venues. Parks and other locations this may not apply...Ask Sofie or Rev. Lorelei for more information.

Are all your packages available weekdays only?
Our packages are avaiable 7 days a week however most venues are only avaialble on weekdays Monday thru Thursday. The closer we are to a date, some venues have available space so we can use it!

Public places and some other locations are avaialble on weekends. Just ask Sofie or Rev. Lorelei for more information. 

How long is the ceremony?
Make it Legal is about 5 minutes long.

I DO Packages are 15 minutes for the ceremony.

Package with  photography are scheduled for one-hour total time for including ceremony and photos.

What kind of Minister do you offer?

We have male and female ministers or officiants. You can request either but if we are busy, we retain the right to switch them if necessary!

What types of ceremonies do you offer?

We offer Religoius (such as Christian)  Spiritual (no mention of God or Jesus) and Civil (no spiritual references at all.)  You can ask Sofie or Rev. Lorelei more about the differences.

Does the minister meet with us before the ceremony?

No, you will meet you minister at the venue about 15 minutes early to go over your ceremony. 

Can I write and read/recite my own vows?
Of course you can! You should be free to express how you feel about each other on your own way!

Here is a link to tips about wirting your vows. 

Do you perform same-sex ceremonies?
Yes, we do!

What is the difference between the small and lage photo packages?

The small will guarantee you 75 shots or more. The large will guarantee you 125 or more 

Is your photographer professional?

Yes of course they are. We use qualified, experienced photographers. You won't be unhappy with the results. 

Can we meet the photographer prior to the ceremony?

No, you will mee them prior to the ceremony and they will answer all your questions then. 

Where can we view your photographers work?

All  the photos on our site are shot by our photographers. 

How do I receive my photos?

Within 3 weeks of the ceremony you  will receive a link to ShootProof.com where your digital photos will be loaded. You own the rights and can down load all the images and share the link with your famiy and friends. You can also order prints on this website and they will be shipped directly to your home. 

Is there always a venue fee?

Yes there is always a venue fee at $250 per hour. You have one hour for everything from dressing to ceremony and photos.

Is there a fee at the parks or public loacations? 

Yes and no, some parks require a permit, some don't most  range from 150 and up. We know all the in's and out's of this so just ask Sofie or Rev. Lorelei for more information. 

Is there a place to change?
Yes, at our venues we offer a place to change but not for hair and make up. Please come  ready to get dressed and get married.  You will have only 10 minutes to get dresse and start he wedding unless you book two hours! Most parks do not offer any areas except teh restrooms. 

We are eloping, just the two of us, but we're interested in the large I Do Plus package at a  venue. Is that possible?
Absolutely. However, please be advised that the venue will not discount their fees for less attendees. Therefore, the price will stay the same, even though it's just the two of you.

What times of day can I book a wedding at a venue?
Usually 10 am to 5 pm.  Please understand  that  planning an elopement means you cannot expect the same options available to larger weddings. The usual " evening" option is rarely available for elopements, as most venues and vendors reserve those spots for their larger events.  In addition, a morning ceremony it's highly recommended over an afternoon ceremony during Austin's hot months (June-August) as it usually really hot  in the afternoon that time of the year.

Do you offer indoor venue spots?

Yes, all of our venues offer indoor areas.

Is sitting for guests available?
Yes, most of our venues offer seating. Just ask Sofie or Rev. Lorelei for the exact details.

Do you have reception packages for the elopement ceremonies?
We don't have full food reception packages, however, we do offer cake and refreshements. You must book an additional hour for that. 

Can you recommend someone for bridal hair and makeup?
Yes, we can, ask Sofie or Rev. Lorelei for those.

Can you recommend someone for transportation?
Yes, we can,  ask Sofie or Rev. Lorelei for those.

Do we meet before the ceremony or can we meet up in person to discuss our ceremony?
No, we don't.  You will meet us for the first time the day of the ceremony, 1/2 hour before we start. However, we will communicate via phone and email, as many times as you need us, to make sure all the details are taken care of. In addition, the day of your ceremony, the coordinator will send you a text, so that you can contact her on her cell phone if you need to talk to us right away.

Do I need a marriage license from Texas even though I don't live there?
Yes, you do. You  need to obtain a marriage license 72 hours in advance of the ceremony. No out of state license is allowed. 

Where do I obtain a license?

You can purchase a license at any county clerk and recorders office in the state of Texas. Follow this link for more information.

We are already legally married. Do we need a marriage license?
No, you do not. Vows renewals do not need a license because you are already married. .

Is a Texas marriage valid in my Country?
A marriage performed in Texas is valid anywhere in the US, Canada, and the UK. For other countries, please contact your local registrar for details. We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.

What are the requirements to get married in Texas?
To get married in Texas:

You must obtain a Texas marriage license no earlier than 90 days prior the ceremony 

There is a 72 hour waiting period except for active military

You must be at least 18 years old

All you need is a valid State ID or Driver's License

If you don't live in the States, all you need is a valid passport

You do NOT need a Social Security card - only the number.

You do NOT need birth certificates or divorce papers.  If you've been married before, all you need to know is the exact DATE of your divorce.

How is the weather like during my chosen date?
Click here to check out Weather.com average temperatures and precipitation tables by month.

How far in advanced can I reserve your services or a package?
We are accepting reservations through the end of 2018. 

What happens if I have to postpone my date?
You will have to sign a new agreement and submit a new retainer. Remember – retainers are used to retain a date. If you no longer need/want that date, that date will remain open because we turned people away for your date. Therefore, retainers are NOT transferable.

How do I Pay you for your services?

We will send you an invoice through paypal.com. once you have completed and signed the contract. You may pay with a credit card or debit card. 

* 50% Package deposit due at booking and is non refundable after 3 days.

* Venue/Permit fee of 100% is paid in addition to our package price. 

* Full Balance due 10 Days prior to event.

* Permit and venue fees are non refundable within a 30 day window from event.

* See your contract for cancellation information. 

Love in a Limo

* Not available on short notice advance 24 hour notice for booking  is required 

* Limo service is for 2 hours. Pick up and drop off.

* Guests are not included in limo service.

* Wedding cake and champagne is for (2). 

* Pick up at a resturant, bar or hotel can be chosen. 

* You may be dropped off at a resturant but limo will not come back to pick you  up unless additional time is 

   purchased. Additional time is $150/hour.

* You  must provide gusets with all info. Elope in Austin does take responsibility for guest notifiation. 


* Florals in the small packages are restricted to Roses,  1 dozen with fillers and choice of ribbon. Please see flowers  page for examples.  

* Flowers are non refundable within 3 days notification of cancellation . 

* If a reschedule is required the day of the wedding the flowers are not refundable. Client must pay for the flowers again .

* Any bouquets may be upgraded just ask!