Chapel Dulcinea
Wedding Ceremony Alternative
in Austin Texas

How Can a Wedding Chapel be Free?

For years Chapel Dulcinea has been the only free wedding chapel in Austin, offering couples an affordable and beautiful little outdoor chapel for their wedding ceremony. Because Chapel Dulcinea only offers an outdoor free wedding ceremony option, if there is inclement weather you are stuck!  While Chapel Dulcinea has 2 indoor wedding ceremony reception rooms, they are not free and not accessible to you if you don’t book it in advance. Chapel Dulcinea has only one place to hold a wedding ceremony, the chapel on the hill. While this chapel is beautiful and very popular, if you want a little something different you are out of luck. The chapel itself only seats 12 wedding guests and if you have more attending your wedding ceremony you have to pay for extra chairs to be set up at a considerable cost.  Another interesting note at Chapel Dulcinea for your wedding ceremony is that  you can only book 90 minutes. They do not offer more or less time. They do give you a 30 minute window before to use the dressings rooms which is very nice, but Chapel Dulcinea is very strict on your time usage when it comes to your wedding ceremony. Last but not least Chapel Dulcinea gets booked up quickly and once the limited reservations are gone there is not more room for your wedding. 


So what is the Chapel Dulcinea alternative yet still in Austin, Texas and a free wedding chapel?  The Austin Venue!

This free wedding chapel is the newest and most romantic free wedding venue in Austin. It is styled like an Italian Villa and sits on 5 acres of a lush Old Oak Grove. The main building has 2 VIP wedding ceremony dressing rooms, 2 bathrooms, a main gallery for wedding receptions or an indoor wedding ceremony.  The 4 arched windows look out over the portico and patio with festoon lighting and conversation pits. Unlike Chapel Dulcinea, The Austin Venue offers so much more with wedding photo locations that include a remodeled 1974 Airstream lounge, a 100 hundred year old domed cupola (Italian for wedding arch), a frame gallery and a chandelier tree along with a flower wall and a Romeo and Juliet balcony. This is the premier Austin, Texas Chapel Dulcinea wedding venue alternative. So romantic and beautiful that you really won’t believe your eyes and will have memorable photos to share.

If that wasn’t enough to entice you the Austin Venue offers 3 outdoor locations for your wedding ceremony at no extra cost. Pick from the cupola with shabby chic benches for up to 50 guests or you can hold your wedding ceremony in a cluster of old oaks as your backdrop.  There is a more traditional wedding ceremony location on the patio with a chandelier and concrete aisle. The best part is if there is inclement weather you can move inside in front of the giant love sign or the simple arch door.  And, once again these options are free, with no extra charge.   The Austin Venue is the best free wedding chapel in Austin and an ideal first choice for elopements and micro weddings.

So when can you book your wedding at the Austin Venue? Everyday! Monday through Sunday from 11:00 am to 7 pm. No strings attached and you can book it right on line just like Chapel Dulcinea. You choose the date and time and package. Then you simple click to book Austin’s Free Wedding Chapel. So what packages do you offer? Click here to take the next step. 
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