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Covid/Public Health Response Policy

What Can You Do to Help?

Please ask all your guests that can answer yes to any of these conditions, to please stay home:

  1. Have had any close contact, within the last 14 days, with anyone who is either confirmed or suspected of being infected with COVID-19, including anyone who was experiencing or displaying any of the known symptoms of COVID-19 (which are listed in item (c) below);
  2. Have in the last month traveled to a restricted area that is under a Level 2, 3, or 4 Travel Advisory according to the U.S. State Department (including China, Italy, Iran, and most of Europe);
  3. Have, in the last 14 days experienced or displayed, any of the following symptoms:

    Elevated temperature or fever of 100.4 F or higher,
    Shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing,
    Loss of smell and/or taste,
    Fatigue, muscle aches, chills, shaking,

Elope in Austin Policy for Environment Sanitation

Elope in Austin is required by law to inform you of the steps we are taking to combat the spread of this deadly disease.

All surfaces within the chapel and reception locations, see out the line below, will be wiped down with strong disinfectant prior to and after every event.

  • All chairs,
  • Benches,
  • Doorknobs,
  • Sinks,
  • Toilets
  • Tables

A sanitation station with the items listed below will be made available at every event:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Wipes

Bathrooms will offer hot water and soap for frequent hand washing.

Masks are optional for guests and team members.

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