Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Social Media Assistant?

This person is a professional, expertly trained, social media photographer, that will take photos with your cell phone. They have a special eye for that social media look, so you can take them with you on your phone when you leave. Then you can edit them with your fav app and splash them all over your social media announcing immediately you tied the knot before the ink has dried on your license!

What is a Personal Wedding Concierge?

A Personal Wedding Concierge is an experienced wedding expert and your go-to person for everything before the wedding. She will send you a detailed planning form to fill out. This gives her the ability to guide you through all the elements of your package, offer suggestions for customizations and make sure your wedding plan becomes a reality. Then she will send you a detailed timeline of events and handles ordering everything to make sure your wedding vision comes true! She is your direct contact from the day you book your wedding to the day you say I Do.

What is a Day of Coordinator

This highly trained person takes over from the Concierge and makes sure that on the day of your wedding, everything that you have planned, actually happens. She will contact you the night before to go over everything; the line-up, who will walk you down the aisle, and to what music. Then she makes make sure your flowers arrive, your songs are loaded, the photographer and officiant arrive, and that there are no mistakes on your big day! She is your contact on the day of your I Do's and makes sure that your day is perfect.

What is advance notice needed to book an elopement?

Generally, we can schedule your wedding same day or within 24 hours if it is a simple elopement. For packages with flowers and video etc. give us 48. However, you must have your marriage license and it must be within the 72-hour state requirement.

Can I bring my own Officiant?

Yes and no... if you book a micro wedding package, you can bring him or her, however, we do not deduct anything from the package price, and we don't pay your officiant. No outside officiants allowed for the Drive up, or Simply Say I Do packages.

Can I bring my own Photographer?

Again, yes and no. If you book a micro wedding package you can bring him or her, however, we don't deduct anything from the package price and we don't pay them. This does not apply to Elopements - No outside photographers are allowed for the Drive up or Simply Say I Do packages.

Can I bring my own Flowers?

Yes, you can bring your own flowers, however, we do not deduct anything from the package price if it is included. And we don't pay for them.

When are your packages available?

Elopement and Drive Up packages are available, Friday & Saturday from 11:00am to 4:00pm
Micro Wedding packages are available Monday thru Saturday 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Pop Up Weddings are available Sunday thru Monday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Some exceptions do apply so just ask us!

What kind of Minister/ Officiant do you offer?

We have male and female ministers and officiants. You can request either, but if we are busy, we retain the right to switch them if necessary! The Elopement packages are officiated by one of our staff officiants and no option of choice is allowed.

What is the difference between an Officiant and a Minister?

An Officiant is a highly trained professional who has studied wedding ceremonies and is qualified to perform them by the state. A Minister s a person who has been ordained by a specific faith. They have taken extensive training in religion and are qualified by the church and the state to perform marriage ceremonies. Both are acceptable in the state of Texas to solemnize your marriage and sign your certificate.

Do you have Bi-Lingual or Spanish speaking Officiants?

Yes, we offer both. There is an additional cost of $150 for Spanish only. If you want a ceremony in both Spanish and English there is an additional charge of $250

What types of ceremonies do you offer?

We offer Religious (such as Christian) Spiritual (no mention of God or Jesus) and Civil (no spiritual references at all.)

Does the minister or officaint meet with us prior to the cermeony?

No, but the officiant will give you a call and go over your ceremony. If you want to meet prior there is a $100 fee.

Can I write and read/recite my own vows?

Of course, you can! You should be free to express how you feel about each other in your own way! Here is a link to tips about writing your vows.

Do you perform same-sex ceremonies?

Yes of course with no distinction. Love is love, right?

Is your photographer professional?

Yes of course they are. We use qualified, experienced wedding photographers from within the Austin wedding community. You will LOVE the results!

Can we meet the photographer prior to the ceremony?

No, you will meet them at the ceremony, and they will answer all your questions then.

Where can we view your photographers work?

All the photos on our site are shot by our photographers. Each has a gallery you can look at follow this link to view them.

How does photo the process work?

Your photographer will be waiting for your arrival. Once there they will begin taking photos during your "getting ready time" throughout the ceremony and then family and friends photos and finally the really romantic photos of just you two. They take 3 times the number of images that are in your package and edit them for quality. Then they load them to your own personal wedding gallery and set them to music. You will receive a link within 2 weeks of the wedding to choose your favs from everything in your gallery. We then give you a link to download them to your own devices, watermark-free with full use. You can purchase the entire gallery if you want and even order canvasses or prints right from our photo lab.

Is there an additional venue fee?

Yes, there is always a venue fee and they are included in the cost of all our packages. This does not apply at Chapel Dulcinea or parks where permits are required.

Is there a fee at the parks or public locations?

Yes and no, some parks require a permit, some don't, most range from $150 and up. We know all the ins and outs of this so just ask us for more information.

Is there a place to change at most venues?

Yes, at our venues we offer 2 dressing suites but not for Drive Ups or Simply Say I Do packages! However, it is not available for hair and makeup! Please come ready to get dressed and get married. Most parks do not offer any areas except the restrooms.

Do you offer indoor climate controlled venues?

Yes, all of our venues offer indoor areas. Chapel Dulcinea does not. Most parks do not!

Is seating for guests available?

Yes, we have 2 venues that offer seating for up to 30 people. The Chapel of Love only seats 6 and Chapel Dulcines has seating for 8 people. You can rent chairs there.

Do you have reception packages for the elopement ceremonies?

No, we do not offer receptions for elopement ceremonies.

Can you recommend someone for bridal hair and makeup?

Yes, we can, ask your wedding consultant for more info.

Do we meet before the ceremony or can we meet up in person to discuss our ceremony?

Normally we take care of everything over email, phone, and text. You can schedule a meeting and a tour of the larger packages at our office. However, we will communicate via phone and email, as many times as you need us, to make sure all the details are taken care of. In addition, on the day of your ceremony, the coordinator will send you a text, so that you can contact her on her cell phone if you need to talk to us right away.

Do I need a marriage license from Texas even though I don't live there?

Yes, you do. You need to obtain a marriage license 72 hours in advance of the ceremony. No out-of-state license is allowed. Here is a link to read all about it.

We are already legally married. Do we need a marriage license?

No, you do not. Vows renewals do not need a license because you are already married.

Is a Texas marriage valid in my Country?

A marriage performed in Texas is valid anywhere in the US, Canada, and the UK. For other countries, please contact your local registrar for details. We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.

How is the weather like during my chosen date?

Weather is tricky. If you choose an outdoor location and it rains, we have to either reschedule or go inside. Our wedding chapels offer indoor and outdoor ceremony sites, others do not.

How far in advanced can I reserve your services or a package?

We are accepting reservations 6 months in advance.

What happens if I have to postpone my date?

You have 1 year from the original date of your wedding to reschedule. You must give 60 days' notice of intent to reschedule.

How do I pay for your service?

We require 1/2 down when you book the wedding and the balance due 30 days prior to the event. You will receive an electronic agreement that you must read and sign. Once that is signed we will send you an invoice. You may pay with a credit card or debit card.

What is your refund policy?

We do not allow refunds. Once you have paid your deposit or balance there is no refund. You may use the funds up to 1 year from the original date of service, as long as you notify us within 60 days prior to the wedding. Some extenuating circumstances are allowed by management only.