Our highly trained professional photographers have 30 years combined experience. So your wedding day photos will be the very best in the industry. All of our photographers have been hand picked and are experts in the art of elopement photography. And it is an art! Not all wedding photographers know how to get those amazing shots in a short period of time. And if one of these talented photographers captures your heart we will try our best to make sure they shoot your wedding! 
How does the Photography Work? One of our talented photographers will meet you on location and begin capturing your, once in a lifetime memories. She’ll shoot before, during and after to make sure she doesn’t miss one moment. Then she will edit them for quality and load them into an online, personal photo gallery filled with every image that meets our high standards. 
Once the gallery has been through review by Rev. Lorelei the owner, a link will be sent you you and you can choose the number of  images that came with your package. Once you have chosen your favs we send you a link to download them. And anyone can download them cuz you own them.  You’ll have other options as well like buying the whole galley,  prints, canvases or wedding books. It’s all possible on our platform. 
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