The Ceremony

The Ceremony How does it work?

Your small wedding ceremony is a very important part of your overall experience and it can be a bit overwhelming and that’s completely normal. The important thing to remember is that the ceremony for a small wedding is really no different that a traditional wedding ceremony except that is it shorter and lighter. And your wedding ceremony can be as unique as you want it, speaking your words and expressing your feelings for each other. 

The great news is that Elope in Austin’s Officiants are highly trained small wedding professionals who are experts in all forms of ceremonies religious and nonreligious and will walk you through every step of the process. You are in great hands so don’t worry. Now, there are 2 different types of people trained to perform ceremonies,  some are fully ordained in a faith and are called Reverend and others are trained wedding officiants, both are legally allowed to perform your ceremony and to sign your document. And, YES you can choose which type you want just talk to your planner and she will set it all up! Now before the big day, you may speak to your officiant and go over the specifics or you can just meet them on the day of the ceremony. Normally for small weddings you will just meet them the day of but either way is great for us!

So the day of your wedding you will arrive at your chosen location. Depending on the package you chose you will meet your coordinator, photographer and Officiant. The coordinator will greet you and set up everything. You don’t have to do a thing because the team will walk you through the whole event from start to finish! The ceremony itself takes about 10 minutes in total yet is it sweet and meaningful.

There are 4 main parts to a traditional small wedding ceremony – The Walk Down the Aisle  –  The Vow Exchange – The Ring Exchange – The First Kiss and Pronouncement! All the fun elements are included, we promise you won’t miss a beat! 

Here is the order of ceremony we use:

Welcoming Remarks

Minister thanks family and friends for being present, welcome them.

The Blessing or Prayer: (OPTIONAL)
This creates a sacred space for the ceremony to begin.

The Presentation:
This is the place where family or friends present the couple or just bride  to be wed.

Officiant remarks on marriage:

The Exchange of Vows:

The Exchange of Rings:

The I Do’s:

The Pronouncement of Marriage:

The Kiss:
And now the moment everyone’s been waiting for, your first kiss as a married couple.

Short Sweet and Sensational!

Some people like to write their own vows some don’t. Follow this link to a guide on how to write your vows and an example of the ones we use!


Kind of unsure about eloping or planning a micro wedding? We are here to help you! Tell us what you need and we will reach out with the perfect plan tailored just for you! 

Want to chat with us about all the options?Schedule the time that works for you! We will call you and answer you questions, Then you are on your way to the perfect celebration!

We love to hear from you know matter how. So if you would like to call us or text Bella is always  available for you! It is really simple to get your questions answered! So pick up that phone!

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