The Planning

~ Small Wedding Planning ~
How does it work?

The small wedding planning department at Elope in Austin is staffed by experts in the industry. They are all local people which is very important to the success of your wedding day because they know every inch of this state and what it takes to make your wedding dream come true. 
Our planning department knows everything there is to know about your small wedding. What will the weather be like? What to do if it rains or yes, even snows on your big day.  What to expect at the venue or location you have chosen. And well… they know just about everything there is to know to guide you.
We take the stress and guesswork out of the process by handling ALL the elements of the event.  No worrying about getting the right vendors and making sure they arrive on time because all of the people we work with are in-house and trusted professionals. Planning will book all the players in your wedding from securing the venue, officiant, photographer to the flowers, caterer, and everything else. We can even guide you on obtaining the marriage license. If you want to add on goddies just tell them and they will do their best to make it happen. 
Our communication process is the key to our success, starting with the first contact to walking you through choosing your photos.  They are always on call to you via, text, phone, or email. You are in the very best of hands! 
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