Wedding Planner: Order of Ceremony

Welcoming Remarks: 

Minister thanks family and friends for being present, welcome them.

The Blessing or Prayer: (OPTIONAL)

This creates a sacred space for the ceremony to begin.

The Presentation: 

This is the place where parents present their children to be wed and gives the family blessings!

Officiant remarks on marriage:

The Exchange of Vows: 

Here are the ones Rev. Lorelei uses. You can take your lead from these.

I Lorelei … take you, Edward

To be my beloved husband

I will love you with all my heart

I will place you above all others

I will honor you in my words and deeds

I will trust, you, be honest with you and respect you.

I will forgive you and ask your forgiveness.

I will stand by your side

during good times and bad

in sickness and in health

through joy and sorrow

I promise to be honest with you

be faithful and to protect you

And these are my sacred vows!

Officiant remarks on marriage:

The Ring Exchange: 

With this ring, I take you to be my lawfully wedding wife.

The Close of the Ceremony

Officiant or minister closing remarks.

The I Do’s:

The Pronouncement of Marriage: 

The Kiss: 

And now the moment everyone’s been waiting for, your first kiss as a married couple.