What is a Micro Wedding?

A Micro Wedding is an intimate affair and typically includes a guest list of up to 50 people, often immediate family and super-close friends only. It is sometimes called a mini wedding or a small wedding. These small weddings still feature time-honored traditions that make up an old school wedding but on a much smaller scale and for a lot less financial commitment.  Even though the guest count is kept to your nearest and dearest, a micro wedding offers a stress-free way to marry the love of your life without all the craziness that goes along with that big wedding.

Many couples that are seeking to enhance the true value of the wedding experience over the material symbolism of a wedding event are often more likely to choose a small wedding.  It’s all about choosing to emphasize something less material and more personal and beautiful.

There are only really 5 venues in Austin specifically designed for your micro wedding. They are small intimate spaces that make you feel warm and surrounded by the love of your family and friends. You don’t have to settle for a small wedding in a large venue we have you covered.

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