What is a Pop-Up Wedding?

A traditional wedding can be such a fun party and way to celebrate with others, but that isn’t always the right type of wedding for everyone. Sometimes it is just the opposite for couples. And remember the size and price tag of your wedding does not reflect your love or bond to each other.  Often the fewer frills and fuss, the more meaning and romance find its way into your celebration. It’s a simple equation. The less energy and money you spend on a massive production, the more love, experience, and memories you get to keep forever.

A Pop-up Wedding is a perfect solution then to the sometimes madness of a big wedding. It is like an elopement only it is held at a public attraction, restaurant, or park, somewhere that is special to you. The location is only limited to your imagination. Wonderful places abound in Austin like the Blue Hole Park in Wimberley or the Hamilton Pool Reserve. How about getting married in front of one of our numerous mural walls or on a beer bus in downtown Austin? Breweries are big alternative wedding locations along with parks and restaurants and well anywhere your heart deires! And it is a small affair from the get-go because it is an elopement-style ceremony usually consisting of you the officiant, the photographer, and as many people as the location will permit.

Finding the perfect place to say I do that isn’t traditional can be fun and exciting and we can help! We know all the cool places you can get hitched and we know the in’s and out’s so your pop up wedding goes off without a hitch! It is a very stress-free solution for you because the price is right, the planning is finished, all you have to do is show up.

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