What is a Week Day Elopement in Texas?

There are no rules regarding whether you can elope on a weekday. If you‘ve never considered it, perhaps you should.  When it comes to eloping, many couples assume it must happen on a weekend. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

The weekday elopement is something that every couple should take into account. It is the perfect way to reduce your guest number while still having an intimate wedding. If this is something you are looking for, look no further than a weekday elopement in Texas.

You could take your vows in front of just your nearest and dearest, then have a marriage celebration on the weekend. If you do not want to feel pressure to invite too many guests, you should elope in Texas on a weekday.

Many of the popular elopement venues in Austin like The Chapel of Love, Chapel Dulcinea, the Micro Chapel, or the Lincoln Chapel, book months in advance. The first days to book are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  A weekday elopement can help you book your preferred elopement venue.

Popular Pop-Up wedding locations like Mt. Bonnell, Hamilton Pool, and Mayfield Park, are extremely popular during the weekends.  If you want a place all to yourself, consider eloping on a weekday. That way, there are fewer strangers around to witness your wedding.

If you are eloping last minute, you‘ll have a better chance of getting the venue of your dreams on a weekday rather than on a weekend. This holds especially true during peak wedding season.

Eloping in Texas during the week is definitely less expensive than eloping on a weekend. Hotels, resorts, and air bnbs generally have lower rates during the week while the weekends are more expensive since people don’t work.

With the discounts and savings you gain by eloping on a weekday, you save big. A weekday elopement might provide you with the most unforgettable experience.

A weekday elopement in Texas might be the most amazing experience you will ever experience for your wedding. The discounts and savings involved with eloping during the week are substantial. Now everyone can get around that!

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