What is an Elopement?

By the time some people get married, they’re often so overwhelmed by the wedding planning process that it takes a toll on their relationship. When you choose something intimate & simple, you can focus on the things that matter – your own hearts and minds.

For those who don’t relate to a large event, having a small private ceremony is a way to stay true to yourself and your values! Creating a celebration that doesn’t feel like ‘you’ is stifling to the whole experience. Step out of the box, and do something that makes you feel like your true self!

Most couples that choose to elope want a day that reflects their relationship and are seeking a true experience they can remember forever. They know these memories come from the experience of being together and focusing on each other – as opposed to all the fanfare and production of most big event weddings.

An elopement is a small, personal, and intimate wedding, experienced between the 2 of you and up to 6 of your closest family and friends. However, in many cases when you elope it is just you 2, officiant, and photographer. It’s a far more casual event and you can still have the classic elements of vows, ring exchange, and a personal commitment. Or just say I Do it’s up to you! Our Chapel of Love is the perfect little place to say I Do. Check out the wedding bundles we offer there!  Click Here!

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