“At Elope in Austin, our purpose is rooted in the belief that every love story is unique and deserves to be celebrated authentically. As the foremost elopement and micro-wedding service provider in Texas, our rich, history and unwavering respect for the institution of marriage drive us to transform your dream wedding into a breathtaking reality. As a locally owned and women-led business, our mission is clear: to intimately understand the essence of your vision and weave it into a personalized, uniquely tailored experience that reflects the depth of your love story.

At Elope in Austin, our commitment is to provide you with pricing options that are competitive and aligned with our high standards of quality.  We pay our team members well so we can provide you with the best, in-class services. 

We take pride in our transparent policies and pricing structures, ensuring that there are no hidden fees. to provide you peace of mind is our priority, and we believe in open communication, honesty, and fairness when it comes to your investment in creating the perfect celebration. Trust us to deliver exceptional value without compromising on the excellence you deserve.

An elopement is an intimate celebration, characterized by a small guest count ranging from zero to twenty individuals. Unlike traditional weddings, elopements often forego elaborate receptions, placing a central focus on the couple and the ceremony. These ceremonies commonly take place in meaningful locations chosen by the couple, with less emphasis on the conventional elements of entertaining a large guest gathering.
A micro wedding is an intimate affair where the guest list typically consists of under 30 close family and friends. In contrast to elopements, micro weddings often incorporate a more traditional approach to celebrations. The emphasis is on creating an intimate setting that allows the couple to share their special day with their nearest and dearest. The smaller scale allows for a more profound connection with each guest, fostering an atmosphere that combines the warmth of tradition with the charm of an intimate celebration.
A pop-up wedding is a dynamic and contemporary celebration that provides couples the freedom to choose any location that resonates with their unique style and personality. With a guest list kept intentionally intimate these events embrace a more non-traditional and playful approach, allowing couples to infuse their personalities into every detail. Whether it’s a rooftop, a park, or an art gallery, the flexibility of a pop-up wedding adds an element of excitement, making the entire experience a true reflection of the couple’s spirit and love story.


Experience the magic of Elope in Austin, where 5-star service awaits you from the moment you start planning until you say “I do.” Our dedicated team will assist you in choosing the perfect location and package that suits your unique preferences.
With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that your special day surpasses all expectations. Your wedding is our top priority, and we are committed to making it a truly unforgettable and cherished experience. Trust us to bring your dreams to life because, at Elope in Austin, your happiness is paramount.
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